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Calcined Petroleum Coke

Calcined Petroleum Coke

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Precautions in smelting process are as follows: Calcined coke carburizer

(1) Coke block is installed at the bottom of the furnace to create a longer soaking time of coke block in molten iron. The consumption of coke is about 5% of scrap. The scrap is melted about 50% and the coke is covered with thick sheet scrap. The waste electrode block of 60-80 mm can also be used to replace coke and be loaded at the bottom of the furnace as a carbon increasing agent. The sulfur content is lower, which is more favorable to obtain high-quality ductile iron.

(2) The proportion of scrap steel used mainly depends on the efficiency of increasing carbon. It is better to use about 30% to produce ductile iron. After improving the efficiency of increasing carbon, the proportion of scrap steel is gradually increased. Excessive use of scrap, if the efficiency of carbon increase is not high, will affect the carbon silicon equivalent of the final product.

(3) After the scrap is melted, the electrode rod is cut into the furnace, and the temperature in the furnace is appropriately increased to improve the efficiency of carbon addition. However, if the furnace temperature is too high, the power consumption will be increased, which is also unfavorable to the furnace lining.

(4) After the carbon content is estimated to be high enough, the coke block and electrode rod are stripped out, and the carbon content is sampled and analyzed.

(5) According to the analysis results, the amount of pig iron and the amount of recycled ductile iron are calculated.

(6) According to the estimation of silicon content, it is decided whether the total amount of molten iron can be made up with recycled materials.

(7) After melting, samples were taken to analyze the content of Si, Mn and other alloy elements.

(8) The temperature of molten iron should be increased appropriately, and the alloy elements should be supplemented according to the analysis results. After reaching the tapping temperature, ferrosilicon should be added before tapping.

(9) The ferrosilicon is melted to molten state and discharged immediately.

(10) Spheroidization, inoculation and pouring were carried out as usual.



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