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Role of petroleum coke carburizer in smelting process

2021-01-19 16:14:38

In the process of iron and steel smelting, the content of steel or iron sometimes does not meet the expected requirements due to improper proportioning of petroleum coke carburizer or charging and excessive decarburization. At this time, it is necessary to add petroleum coke carburizer to steel or molten iron. Petroleum coke carburizing agent is usually used for carburizing. The carburizing agent is added to the metal smelting furnace to dissolve and diffuse the carbon in the molten iron. The absorption rate depends on the dissolution and diffusion rate and oxidation loss rate of the carburizing agent, which can improve the carbon content in the molten iron, reduce the oxygen content in the molten iron, and more importantly, improve the mechanical properties of the smelting metal or casting. That is to say, the best castings can be made from the worst scrap by using carburizer. Carburizing agent for calcined coke

Compared with the traditional process, there are many coarse hypereutectic graphite in the new process with carburizer. This kind of coarse graphite has the property of contact transmission, low melting temperature, and the amount of coarse graphite is not easy to be eliminated. The coarse graphite is transferred from the liquid to the solid cast iron. On the one hand, it reduces the strength of cast iron and reduces the properties of the material, On the other hand, it weakens the expansion effect of "green stone" precipitation in the solidification process, and increases the shrinkage tendency in the solidification process. In cupola melting, the amount of pig iron charge should be reduced as far as possible, and the carburizing agent should be used to ensure high carbon equivalent, and the amount of scrap steel should be increased relatively. In this way, good activity can be obtained by carburizing under the condition of high temperature melting. Petroleum coke carburizer

1. Improve the carbon content, low sulfur, low nitrogen, low volatile, high absorption rate, the absorption rate can reach more than 90%

2. Increasing the graphite nucleation core of molten iron and reducing the tendency of chill can reduce the energy consumption, increase the graphite nucleation core of molten iron and improve the metallurgical quality;

3. High quality tuozhe carburizer can improve the production speed and product quality. Create better efficiency for enterprises.

4. Good use of Ningxia carburizer can reduce the amount of pig iron or no pig iron, but also can greatly increase the amount of scrap.

5. Increasing carbon is a good measure to prevent or reduce shrinkage tendency. Due to the graphitization expansion of molten iron during solidification, good graphitization will reduce the shrinkage tendency of molten iron.

6. According to the choice of composition, the carburizer with high fixed carbon content is generally selected. At the same time, the important thing is the sulfur index of the carburizer. When the sulfur index is disulfide, a good absorption rate can be achieved. High quality calcined coke

7. Spreading a layer of 0.2-1 mm carburizing agent on the surface of hot metal can act as an "isolation layer" to prevent carbon reduction of hot metal in furnace. When carburizing agent is used in casting, the amount of scrap can be increased greatly, the amount of pig iron can be reduced or pig iron can not be used. It is an effective product.


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