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Input mode of carburizer for calcined coke

2021-01-19 16:14:00

Calcined coke carburizer is a kind of product used to enhance carbon element (c). In the whole process of steelmaking, various factors will lead to the reduction of dissolved carbon, which will damage the quality of finished stainless steel plate. Therefore, steel mills often purchase carburizer to solve the problem of carbon reduction in the process of steelmaking. The specific application of carburizer mainly shows many advantages in the whole production process, which can reduce the carbonization time reasonably, improve the actual effect of carburization, increase the amount of scrap, effectively use resources and reduce the cost of products. In recent years, in order to solve the problem of carbon reduction in steel-making process, steel factory masters generally add carbon agent to deal with it, so what is the type of carbon agent. Calcined coke

Furnace input method: suitable for induction furnace melting. According to the regulations of the processing technology, the practical application method is slightly different from each enterprise. When smelting in medium frequency electric furnace, the furnace with lower position can be added according to the requirements of preparation or carbon equivalent, and the recovery rate can reach more than 95%. If there is not enough time-sharing diagram of carbon for molten iron melting, first add carburizer to clean furnace slag, and then dissolve, digest and absorb carbon according to molten iron temperature, electromagnetic induction mixing or manual mixing, and the recovery rate is about 90%, That is to say, only partially molten iron is used for recycling. Under the condition of low temperature, iron is added to all carburizers at one time, and the other is exposed to molten iron with solid and recycled waste, and pressed into the surface of molten iron. In this way, the carbonization of hot metal can reach more than 1.0%. Calcined coke

Outside the furnace: spraying graphite inside the ladle: using graphite as carburizing agent, the blowing rate is 40kg / T, which is expected to increase the carbon content of hot metal from 2% to 3%. As the carbon composition of hot metal increases slowly, the utilization rate of carbon decreases. Spraying graphite for carburization generally uses nitrogen as the medium, but under the industrial production standard, it is more convenient to use air compression, and the oxygen in the air compression cause Co., Ltd. chemical changes as part of the thermal compensation temperature drop, and the company's atmosphere recovery is conducive to improving the actual effect of carburization. Carburizing during tapping: 100-300 graphite can be put into the bag or washed into the can with the flow rate. After the iron is released, it is fully mixed to make the carbon melt and digest as much as possible. The carbon recovery is about 60%.

It is believed that most of the petroleum coke produced in China is low sulfur coke, which is mainly used for making aluminum and graphite. It is also used for making carbon products, such as graphite electrode and anode arc, for steelmaking, non-ferrous metals and aluminum smelting. It is also used for making silicon carbide products, such as various grinding wheels, sandpaper, etc; Commercial calcium carbide can be used to produce synthetic fiber, acetylene and other products, and can also be used as fuel. However, when it is used as fuel, it needs a graded impact mill for ultra-fine grinding. It can only be burned after it is made into coke powder by jzc-1250 equipment. Some glass factories and coal water slurry factories mainly use coke powder as fuel. Which one is the best instant carburizer? Another use of petroleum coke is to make it after calcination More high-quality carbon materials, such as calcined high sulfur calcined coke, 3.0% of sulfur can be used as prebaked anode for aluminum, low sulfur calcined coke can be used as carburizer, generally gray cast iron and other low requirements. After deep processing of petroleum coke, graphite fossil oil coke can be obtained, which belongs to high-quality carbon materials and can be used as carburizer and other purposes.


It is considered that the carburizer can be used as a series of graphite inoculants in nodular cast iron, mainly producing graphite and carbon micro aggregates, and the inoculation effect is long-term, mainly for the spherical graphite system, with limited effect on the metal matrix; Therefore, the amount of silicon-containing inoculant used in the normal inoculation treatment of ductile iron must be guaranteed and strengthened. It is found that as long as the inoculation treatment is sufficient, especially for graphite, the higher the carbon content and carbon equivalent of ductile iron, the more graphite crystal nucleus will be formed, the faster the growth of ductile iron and the smaller the ball ratio. The carbon content of molten iron and crystalline austenite is higher The carbon content of Ferritic Ductile iron is generally w (c) = 3.5% - 4.3%, and the carbon equivalent ce-4.5% - 4.9%. The general value principle is that it is proportional to the wall thickness of the casting (the influence of silicon content should be comprehensively considered).

The choice of carburizer is very important when smelting castings, but the use method and proportion are also very important. How to choose a good carburizer is very simple! Generally, it is the key to choose different particle size according to the size of the furnace. Generally, the particle size of 1-5mm is more. When using carburizer in cupola smelting, it should be reduced as much as possible The amount of pig iron charge, but also requires no oil and rust charge, can play a carburizing agent to ensure high carbon equivalent, and can relatively increase the amount of scrap, to choose the graphitized smelting carburizing agent, that is graphitized carburizing agent can show the graphitization effect, instant carburizing agent which is good, found in the high temperature smelting conditions, carburizing way can obtain good activity, in the casting Reflecting the shape of graphite is conducive to improving mechanical properties, reducing shrinkage tendency and improving processing performance. Generally, it is added together with other furnace charges. From the second furnace, the carburizer is put into the iron surface by putting plastic bags on the remaining 20-40 kg of molten iron. The amount of carburizer is generally required to be prepared by adding 4 kg of carburizer for every 100 kg of scrap steel Carburizer is the right proportion.


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