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Application of ferrosilicon in production

2021-01-19 16:13:21

Main uses of industrial silicon: industrial silicon is used as tar carburizer additive for nonferrous alloys. Industrial silicon is also used as alloying agent for high demand silicon steel and deoxidizer for smelting special steel and nonferrous alloy. Through a series of processing, industrial silicon can be made into monocrystalline silicon, which is used in electronic industry and chemical industry to produce silicon, so it is called magic metal and has a wide range of uses. The addition of industrial silicon to aluminum, iron and other metals can improve or enhance the excellent properties of metals. The demand of automobile (including motorcycle) aluminum for industrial silicon is quite large, so the development of automobile industry in a region or a country has a direct impact on the rise and fall of industrial silicon market. In the aspect of monocrystalline silicon wafer cutting, there is still a certain gap between China and developed countries in technology, especially in the aspects of silicon wafer finishing and surface "coating". Calcined coke manufacturer

It is made of coke, steel chips, quartz (or silicon) as raw materials and melted in a hot ore furnace. Silicon dioxide is easily synthesized from silicon and oxygen. Therefore, ferrosilicon is often used as deoxidizer in steelmaking. At the same time, due to the release of a lot of heat during the formation of SiO2, it is also conducive to increase the temperature of liquid steel in the deoxidation process. Ferrosilicon is used as an additive for alloying elements. Carburizing agent for calcined coke


In steelmaking, it is usually necessary to use carburizer to supplement and adjust the carbon content in the liquid steel. Steelmaking itself has good mechanical and physical properties, and carburizer is the ferroalloy material needed in cast steel, which plays a decisive role in the internal structure of steel. Since carburizer plays such an important role in steelmaking, if carburizer is not used in steelmaking, it is necessary to use carburizer What will happen? First of all, it will break the carbon balance of molten steel in steelmaking. When the molten steel is decarburized during steelmaking, generally, it will use carburizing agent to increase carbon. If it is not added, it will certainly cause poor absorption rate of carbon in molten steel, cause serious anti slag of molten steel, aggravate pollution in environmental protection, and cause the decline of steel quality When it is in peroxide state, because the density of carburizer is small, it can not sink into the molten steel and react with the molten steel. The reaction surface is small, which is only limited to the upper or surface of the molten steel. It is easy to cause the phenomenon of low carbon recovery rate and poor gravity. Everywhere, the hit rate of carbon composition in the smelting steel is low, resulting in the production of steel is relatively brittle, It can also reduce the content of sulfur in steel

If the graphitized petroleum coke carburizing agent you choose is suitable for the casting process, you should first purchase the corresponding graphitized petroleum coke carburizing agent from the content requirements required by the casting process, but generally have the same requirements, that is, the graphitized petroleum coke carburizing agent must be low sulfur and low nitrogen, if the nitrogen content of the graphitized petroleum coke carburizing agent is higher than that of the ordinary one Therefore, it is necessary to choose low sulfur and low nitrogen graphitized petroleum coke carburizing agent for casting process

For the first time, if you want to choose the right graphitized petroleum coke carburizer in the casting process, you should not only have low sulfur and low nitrogen, but also pay attention to its absorptivity. Better absorptivity is the "golden key" to save cost in the casting process. Some graphitized petroleum coke carburizers have low absorptivity, so it is often necessary to improve the furnace temperature for effective absorption, resulting in high cost, low profit and poor absorptivity What is brought by better yield? Rapid chemical reaction, improved smelting effect of casting process, better graphite distribution of castings, and greatly reduced tendency of chill. These are the advantages of graphitized petroleum coke carburizer with good absorptivity. Therefore, it is necessary to choose graphitized petroleum coke carburizer with better absorptivity in casting process!



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