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How to choose suitable graphite carburizing agent

2021-01-19 16:18:46

It is necessary to choose the suitable carburizer instead of the expensive one. The more expensive the carburizer is, the better. Its quality is affected by many factors, such as fixed carbon content, sulfur content, water content, volatile components, etc. In addition, it has a lot to do with the way we apply in the application, the characteristics of the goods and the production process. Therefore, the selection of carburizers is very critical, only good carburizers can be used in our daily life. In terms of application, according to the characteristics of their own products, which level of carburizer should be selected in the process of processing. Therefore, be careful when selecting. Only by selecting suitable carburizer can the actual effect of carburization be brought into full play. What are the advantages of semi graphitized carburizing agent? In ironmaking and foundry industry, the processing process is different, and the effect of carburizing agent is very important. Calcined coke

Characteristics of carburizer:

(1) The composition of carburizer is pure: high carbon steel, low sulfur, micro nitrogen, less harmful residue.

(2) The product features are stable, the actual effect of carbon increase is stable, the adsorption effect is very good, the actual effect of temperature increase is significant, and there is no slag return.

(3) Physical shape: shape cleaning, crystalline, porous material, fast digestibility, high digestibility.


(4) External economic brand image: grain size and high quality, which can reasonably improve the famous brand and characteristics of castings.

There are many types of carburizers. Manufacturers of carburizers find that what they attach great importance to is to choose the right one according to their own production process and the characteristics of manufactured goods. If the fixed carbon content is too high or too low, it will damage a lot of economic development costs. Therefore, we can only choose suitable carburizer to give full play to it.

Graphite carburizing agent

Adding a certain amount of ferrosilicon to cast iron can prevent the formation of carbide in iron and promote the precipitation and spheroidization of graphite. Therefore, ferrosilicon is an important inoculation material (conducive to graphite precipitation) and spheroidizing material in the production of ductile iron. In other ways. Fine grinding or atomizing ferrosilicon powder can be used as suspended phase in mineral processing industry. It can be used as a coating for electrode manufacturing industry. High silicon iron is used in the chemical industry to make silicone and other products. It is used as reducing material in ferroalloy production. Not only the chemical affinity of silicon and oxygen is high, but also the carbon content of high silicon iron is low. Therefore, high silicon ferrosilicon (or siliceous gold) is a common reducing material in ferroalloy industry. It is especially suitable for deoxidation of continuous casting liquid. Practice has proved that ferrosilicon can not only meet the requirements of deoxidation in steelmaking, but also has the advantages of good desulfurization performance, high ratio and strong penetration. Ferrosilicon products in the iron and steel industry, ferrosilicon powder will release a lot of heat at high temperature, which is often used as heating material of ingot cover to improve the quality and recovery of ingot. It is used as inoculation material and spheroidizing material in cast iron industry. Cast iron is an important metal material in modern industry. It is cheaper than steel and easy to melt and smelt. It has excellent castability and better seismic performance than steel. In particular, the mechanical properties of ductile iron are equivalent to or close to that of steel.


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